Special form of paper DOS attack affected Slovak Tax offices

I invented a special form of DOS attack (Denial-of-service_attack) which deeply affected the Slovak Ministry of Finance and 112 Tax offices in Slovakia.

According to the Law No. 211/2000 (SK) about freedom of information the applicant can ask any government office to publish any information within 8 day period (in certain cases 15 days)

You have a right to ask the government to inform you about the management, orders, employees, suppliers, contracts, statistics etc.... If you will not receive his response within a legal period (8 days) you can ask the prosecutor to penalize him (approx. €70/request).

My new software is programmed to:

  1. select randomly one of the 112 tax offices in Slovakia
  2. select one of the thousand questions stocked in the database
  3. generate, prepare, print and post the selected question to the tax office
  4. tax office have only 8 day legal period to response on our request
  5. if tax office will not respond - the applicant can inform the prosecution and tax office will be penalized
  6. all request is processed by the physical person (tax officer)
  7. tax directorate receive only +- 1000 request / year, one office can proceed 2 - 3 request / day
  8. my system can post more the 30.000 request / day (however it can be unlimited)
  9. its impossible to respond to all posted requests
  10. 19.1.2007 - Tax Directorate declared - The tax system is paralyzed now!
  11. after my system started working the Slovak governement open the big discussion about the law about freedom of information
  12. the government tried to change the law and forbid the citizen to access to public information
  13. but the media and the public won! - the government must cancel the tentative to change this law
  14. I has been "kindly" asked by the ministry and more public organization to stop my system as soon as possible to save the law in the current form
  15. I stopped and removed thousands of requests
  16. however ATTENTION! my system is ready to start at ANYTIME and from ANYWHERE!!!

You need only ONE PERSON to proceed all steps described above.

There is a small part of this case: