Some of the websites I created or I manage

Current Project / my work of art - dead people search engine and funeral directory

GINN - Website and tools to control Slovak government

Celebrities - Paul Dano - American actor and producer - Justin Topolsky - presenter, singer, actor

Lawyers - JUDr. Michal Mandzak, Law Office Bratislava, Slovakia - Maitre Sandrine Pégand, Attorney at Law, France - JUDr. Radoslav Kačur, Attorney at Law, Slovakia - JUDr. Maria Zervanova, executor office, Slovakia - BATI-JURIS, law firm, France

Museums - Andy Warhol museum of Modern Art, the 2nd largest museum of AW

Associations - Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) - SIDA - acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Varieties - Rolls Royce rental services - All about the wine - First Czech and Slovak mineral waters information server - Slovak Tax Association - French mineral water - Czech and Slovak distribution network - Wall microinjection and services - Slovakia - PLASTMAT sro, plastic bags production